Since our founding, Arrowhead has served numerous Federal Agencies supporting a broad range of civil construction requirements. We hold multiple ID/IQ contracts with USACE District’s providing flood control, habitat restoration, navigational dredging, bank stabilization and O&M functions. Typical services provided under this business platform include:

  • Levees Construction and Repair
  • Hydraulic Relief Wells
  • Water Control Structures
  • Dam Security and Warning Systems
  • Bank Stabilization
  • Wetlands Restoration and Mitigation
  • Mechanical Dredging
  • Engineered Fill, Cap and Cover
  • Utilities and Infrastructure

North Topeka Unit Flood Control Improvements

Arrowhead was awarded a competitive firm-fixed-price contract from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Kansas City District to construct the North Topeka Unit Flood Control Improvements project. The scope of work required the installation of 30 hydraulic relief wells adjacent to the Kansas River Levee, construction of a discharge collection system, and demolition of the existing Fairchild Pump Station at a secondary site. Arrowhead installed 30 new relief wells ranging in depth from 37 feet to 78 feet. These wells were installed using reverse-circulation drilling. The well discharge collection system was comprised of 31 precast manholes and reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) ranging in diameter from 24" to 48". The system feeds to three cast-in-place sumps, which are each drained using a trailer-mounted pump. The total length of the discharge collection system is approximately 3,800 feet, with excavations up to 11 feet deep required. The project presented numerous challenges, including construction on the levee slope and immediately adjacent to the Union Pacific Railroad, resulting in a severely constricted site. Additionally, the installation of the discharge collector system required excavation in the immediate vicinity of two buried fiber optic lines.

Missouri River Levee 575 Groin Construction, Freemont County, IA

Arrowhead was awarded a $734K firm fixed-price contract providing construction of 17 earthen groin extensions along Levee 575 in Fremont County, Iowa, adjacent to the Missouri River. The project was awarded as competitive Task Order under an IDIQ MATOC with the USACE Omaha District. The project was executed on an expedited schedule and completed within 45 days. Levee 575 and the surrounding area were severely impacted during the 2011 Missouri River flooding event, resulting in levee breeches and a variety of erosion-related damage. The primary objective of the project was to construct 17, earthen levee groin extensions perpendicular to the existing levee. The groins were designed to prevent parallel-running flood waters from causing future erosion, scouring and potential levee failure.

An area two miles south of the construction zone was established to utilize as a source of borrow material to support the project. Significant effort was required to completely survey and delineate the subsurface of the designated borrow area. The initial construction of each groin required mechanical ripping of the levee face to facilitate proper compaction and bonding of the new soil. Each groin was constructed using cohesive fill that was compacted in 8-inch lifts until the desired elevation and slope was achieved. Continuous nuclear density testing was performed to ensure proper compaction requirements were met.

Seventeen groins were constructed along a 1.5-mile section of levee. The groins were approximately 20-feet tall with 8 of the groins being 250-feet long at 300-foot spacing; and, 9 groins at 150 foot long with 180 foot spacing. Each groin was constructed in accordance with 100% design specifications defining exact location, slope, and elevation. USACE QCS was utilized for all project administration, QC inspection and scheduling documentation.

Lake Red Rock Emergency Bank Stabilization, Pella, Iowa

Arrowhead was awarded a firm fixed-price task order under an ID/IQ contract to implement shoreline protection measures on the Des Moines River at Lake Red Rock, IA. The project was scheduled while the reservoir was temporarily maintained at a lower pool level, to accommodate various construction projects throughout the Des Moines River basin and Lake Red Rock.

Due to severe erosion caused by several years of high water conditions, the Lake Red Rock Visitors Center was being undermined and required extensive bank stabilization to prevent continued erosion putting the building and associated structures at risk of collapse. Arrowhead was awarded a firm fixed price contract to stabilize approximately 5000 square feet of clay bluff overlook. The project required placement of 6,300 tons of large rip rap (800lb) and 1,600 tons of 3 inch bedding stone. The project also required construction of an access road on the existing dam face and water level control.

Glovers Point Habitat Restoration Missouri River, Nebraska

Arrowhead Contracting, Inc., under a SBA Region VII approved Mentor Protégé program with the Winnebago Indian Tribe of Nebraska, constructed a Wetlands Restoration and Fish & Wildlife Mitigation project at Glovers Point on the Missouri River.

This project was performed as a Firm-Fixed Price Task Order under an ID/IQ Contract with the USACE Omaha District. The primary feature of the project was the construction of a 2.5 mile long pilot channel, which intermittently feeds a backwater oxbow adjacent to the Missouri River. Major scope of work elements included the excavation of over 500K cubic yards of soil by mechanical excavators and hydraulic dredge, placement of over 9,000 cubic yards of rip rap, 320 linear feet of 84 inch diameter RCP, clearing & grubbing 6 acres and re-seeding over 50 acres.

The project was located on the Winnebago Indian Reservation. Upon completion of the project, the renovated wetland provided a safe haven and spawning habitat for the endangered Pallid Sturgeon, Sturgeon Chub, and Lake Sturgeon.