Arrowhead Selected for Topeka and Waterworks Units Improvement Project

As part of a HUBzone Joint Venture, Frontier-Arrowhead JVA, Arrowhead was selected by USACE Kansas City District for construction of the Phase III South Topeka and Waterworks Units Improvement project.

The scope of work requires construction an under-seepage berm for an existing eastern levee, structural modification of an existing gate well structure and existing pump stations, installation of new hydraulic relief wells and modifying an existing floodwall including drilled shafts and drilled piers. Work will also include habitat mitigation measures consisting of reforestation.

The project is located along the Kansas River close to downtown Topeka. Construction activities will take place over a two-year period. Should the government elect to award all contract options, the project value will be approximately $12M.

Arrowhead previously served as the prime contractor to USACE during the South Topeka Phase II construction efforts throughout 2017.