Former Forbes Atlas Missile S-5 Site

Under a Pre-Placed Remedial Action Contract with the USACE Kansas City District, Arrowhead recently completed a fast track Task Order for environmental remediation services at the Former Forbes Atlas Missile S-5 Site in Lyon County, Kansas. The former missile launch facility occupies approximately 25 acres and includes a buried, horizontal concrete vault, with launch doors located at ground surface. Structures currently remaining at the facility include the horizontal concrete vault (missile coffin), underground launch operation rooms, concrete pads, and sewage lagoons.

Arrowhead was required to perform all activities to complete an Interim Remedial Action consisting of the cleaning of the site sumps, sediment traps, and flame tunnel in accordance with the CERCLA Process. Key deliverables included preparation a project specific Quality Control Plan (QCP), Proposed Plan (PP), Decision Document (DD), and various planning documents prior to conducting the remedial activities. Field activities included Level B and C decontamination of subsurface structures; collection treatment and disposal of chlorinated impacted water; collection, treatment and disposal of chlorinated impacted sediments; and site restoration.

Upon completion of the fieldwork, a summary report was prepared, reviewed by USACE, revised, submitted for regulatory review and revision, and subsequently finalized.